About IPL

about iplImmunity Pharma Ltd. (IPL) is a clinical stage biopharma company that develops therapies for neurodegenerative diseases with an initial focus on amyotrophic lateral sclerosis (ALS). ALS is a rare neurodegenerative disease affecting motor neurons with an urgent unmet medical need – there is no cure currently available, and the effect of current therapies is limited. A disease-modifying ALS therapy is certain to have medical necessity and significant market potential.

IPL’s current pipeline includes activators of the Akt pathway, which is down-regulated in ALS and other neurodegenerative disorders. Our drugs mitigate ALS disease progression by stimulating cellular pro-survival processes, enhancing cell stress responses, and reducing apoptosis (cell death).

IPL’s lead candidate, IPL344, is being evaluated in an ongoing open-label phase 1/2a clinical trial with ALS patients at Hadassah medical center in Israel. Our results demonstrate that the drug is safe and well tolerated with efficacy demonstrated in multiple disease parameters and assessment methods.