ipl344IPL344 is a novel therapeutic molecule (NCE). It reactivates the impaired Akt pathway directly without mediation of cell receptors. Through Akt activation, IPL344 targets key ALS pathologies including apoptosis, inflammation, and cellular stress.  

Preclinical studies have demonstrated that IPL344 treatment significantly extended the survival of SOD1 ALS mice.

Initial evidence for a clinical effect of IPL344 was demonstrated during a long-term compassionate treatment of an advanced-stage ALS patient. IPL344 significantly stabilized the patient's condition and prolonged his survival.

IPL344 is currently being evaluated in an open-label phase 1/2a clinical trial with ALS patients at the Hadassah Medical Center in Israel. Interim results demonstrate clinically significant efficacy, indicated by several disease parameters and clinical endpoints Read about the Promising Interim Results of IPL's Study with IPL344 in ALS. IPL344 has so far demonstrated an excellent safety profile in patients.

Preclinical Projects

Additional projects based on IPL344 and other Pi3k/Akt activators are currently in the research/pre-clinical stage.